How good is google my business?

How good is free search ranking, advertising and branding? If you need calls and traffic, Google My Business (GMB) is a painless route to success. So what’s the catch? Like anything digital, there’s usually a lot of competition. The beauty in GMB, is the ability to cut through the competition and deliver real results, real fast.

Creating a Google My Business

Creating a listing is free and relatively easy. Sign up with a Google account, input your key business information and off you go. However, for maximum effect, it’s important to consider your brand and message. We’ve listed the key considerations to take you to the next level:

  • Cover photo: Adding a beautiful cover photo is essential to attracting attention. But you can’t add just any photo, Google will only accept images ‘with an accurate representation of the type of experience a customer will have at your business’.
  • Logo: Just make sure it’s legible, you’d be surprised how many people forget this one.
  • Business photos: There’s plenty of categories on offer including interior, exterior, at work, team and more. The more photos you upload the better your visibility and trust.
  • Business categories: These categories will help your listing rank for the services you provide in the location you are (or service). Make sure they’re 100% relevant and don’t stop at one.
  • Reviews: The most important part of your listing. As a business owner, Google gives you literally no control overt these so make sure you work hard for these. You can copy a link from within your listing to share with your happy customers.

How does Google rank a business listing?

Just like your website, Google judges your listing on various factors including:

  • Relevance: Your business name is the biggest factor (that’s why your listing appears every time a search is done for it). It also takes into account your listed business categories, if you have a strong Google My Business you will start to rank for your types of services.
  • Reviews: A simple formula – the greater number and quality of your reviews. The stronger your business listing ranks, so make sure you’re always working on it.
  • Age: Older listings perform better as Google perceives these as more ‘trustworthy’. If you’ve been in business for years, it’s more likely you’re doing something right.

Create, optimise and rank

Our team have considerable experience managing business listings of all kinds. Google My Business is just one of many free and easy to use tools that generate real organic traffic and sales leads. Contact our team for more information on how you can benefit today.





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