Waldecks: IT upgrade

For Waldecks, an aging IT infrastructure was causing cost and efficiency to spiral out of control. Management initiatives to drive growth and further promote the business were constantly hampered by outdated systems and infrastructure. What were once simple tasks, were now complicated and time consuming.

A complete IT systems upgrade and overhaul meant Waldecks would benefit from:

  • A 400% decrease in fixed monthly NBN and phone costs
  • Single point of contact for everything IT related
  • Secure systems and data
  • Faster and more effective technology, allowing for streamlined operations
  • A better instore customer experience

Assessing the problem

Technology is the fastest moving industry, with new software and equipment coming to the market at rapid speed. As a result, neglected IT systems quickly provide less business value at higher costs. Unfortunately, this customer was experiencing many issues, some constant and others intermittent. In an average week, a user would experience issues with accessing external cloud systems, occasional internet dropouts, restricted ability to make phone calls or connect internally via wireless and cabled connections. The result of a combination of old computer and server hardware, cabling, internet and phone systems.


A future proof solution

Information systems provide your business with a platform for growth, and should not become a drag on operations and efficiency. Systems should be easily accessible, scalable and secure. For Waldecks, following a site audit, an overhaul of all infrastructure was determined as the most effective way to create an IT solution that would last for years to come.

The future proof solution included upgrades to all networks, communication equipment and PC’s. Planning was critical for the coordination of such a project, ensuring there was no downtime during the upgrade and overhaul process. A seemingly never endless task, a bit of teamwork and dedication as well as a few coffees got the job done. Including:

  • Upgrading all PC’s to Windows 10
  • Point of Sales (POS) system upgrade
  • Standardised cabling and wiring across all sites
  • Decommissioning of old servers and equipment
  • Installation of new high-speed internet and VoIP phone system creating a 400% decrease in fixed monthly NBN and phone costs
  • Ongoing managed IT services including support, 24/7 monitoring, updates, anti-virus and back ups
  • All domains migrated to a central vault for security and ease of use

Simplify and win

In the end, over 200kg’s of old equipment and 2.5km’s of cabling and wiring were disposed of at the Balcatta Recycling Centre. The network, communication and PC hardware was neatly arranged and standardised across all locations. Making for not only a better system, but a system that looks good too.

Without IT, your business would grind to a halt. Yet many of us still underappreciate the true value of these systems. At Host One, we specialise in finding a custom solution that reduces your costs, improves ease of use, creating faster and more effective operations.

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