Importance of responsive website design

What is responsive website design?

Websites appear on laptops, desktops, mobile devices and tablets. Furthermore, browsers (Google, Yahoo etc.) also have varying displays. Responsive website design refers to the ability of your website to beautifully display across each of these. But why is it important? Your website has a purpose, a goal. Deliver information? Sell products or services? Create leads for your business? These goals can only be fulfilled when your website is functioning perfectly at every possible place your customers will see it.

Google cares about responsiveness

Google rewards websites that provide the best possible user experience. In 2015, adding responsive website design as part of its search engine ranking. Since then it has only added to this with several updates continuing to focus on this. Google measures the positioning of every element on your site continuously, judging breaks, readability and much more. At the end of the day, Google aims to provide the best possible experience through highly relevant search results. It expects its tenants to maintain this experience with user-friendly, readable and engaging web design.

Mobile continues to grow

52% of all internet traffic is on a mobile device, a figure that continues to grow year upon year. Potential customers also need to come into contact with your business at least 7 times before they can make a buying decision. These users may visit on desktop and then on mobile the following day. What experience are you giving them? Have you delivered the same beautiful, clear and engaging experience as you did on mobile? Customers choices, in terms of devices, browsers and business offerings are gowning exponentially. Ensure your business has the best chance of its achieving its goals when you focus on your web design.





Foundation Partners

Have used Host One team for our IT/Phone hardware & services and they have been excellent. The friendly team are very knowledgeable and provided us with a range of options to suit our budget. When we had a minor internet 'glitch' from our internet provider, they were quickly on hand to help fix and provide us with support. Highly recommend!

Robbie Graham

The Greenscape Collective

We engaged the services of HostOne not too long ago and what I feel makes this business stand out are two things 1. They explain technical IT issues to their clients in layman, easy to understand terms. 2. They could easily pull the wool over a small business' eyes and charge extortionate amounts, but they DON'T. HostOne look provide us with their website server service and website maintenance and so far we are very happy!

Joshua O'Keefe

Crosby Tiles

Host One have collaborated on a number of systems based projects with external vendors and taken the project management lead to ensure a successful outcome. Their friendly attitude and high level of customer service lets me have complete confidence and peace of mind.

Andrew Williams

HiTech AG

Host One have become a strategic information technology business partner with HiTech Ag. Their technical proficiency, understanding of business requirements and commitment to customer service makes them a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend Host One to anyone looking to maintain stable, reliable, secure infrastructure.

Paul Freeman

RCA Civils

With little experience in IT in house, Host One were the perfect partner to update and further develop our website. Their approachability and attention to detail has produced a product we are proud to utilise to show case our business. The team at Host One were approachable, attentive and diligent. They made the process seem effortless!

Cheyenne Pink